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Zavora also known as "Zaacute;vora", "Ponta de Zaacute;vora" (means Tip of Zavora) and "Praia de Zaacte;vora" (means Beach of Zavora) is located North-East (420 km's away) of Maputo in Inhambane, Mozambique. The local language in Zavora is Chopi although some people can speak Shangaan and Portuguese, Businesses and lodges are able to speak English.

Zavora has natural reef which is very beautiful and also has one of the few remaining operational lighthouses, built in 1910 and is 53 feet, it operates with 10 second interval light flashes to aid to aid the passing ships etc, the lighthouse grounds are open to the public. There are also some old buildings that still stand from after the Portuguese left Mozambique that are used as lodge accommodation.

Zavora is a enjoyable holiday, diving and fishing destination for tourists, fisherman and divers. Zavora's reefs make it a popular vacation destination and attracts many visitors during the holidays especially South Africans.

In general the local people are poor and needy, local uplifting projects do existby missionaries and international organisations. Most of the people of Zavora make a living by fishing and by farming small crops.

According to some reference, a Dutch liner, the MV Klipfontein, struck a submerged reef located 5 miles from Cape Barra near Inhambane on the 8th January 1953. In an SA news release this area where the liner sank was refered to as "Cape Zavora" (Portuguese East Africa) although this news alert doubted that it could have been a submerged reef and referred to it as a hidden 'obstacle'.