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courtesy Mads Prahm
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Accommodation In Macaneta
Macaneta Tourism Information
Tourism Information

Just a few kilometres along the coast to the north of Maputo you can find the peaceful little fishing village of Macaneto. Macaneto is best reached with a four wheel drive vehicle - it is a five minute ferry ride across the Nkomati River and another ten kilometres along a sand track. Macaneta boasts the safests beaches in Mozambique - the clear waters of the Indian Ocean are warm and the beaches here are raked clean every day.

This resort was once just a fishing village comprising several thatched huts and a small restaurant. The menu is naturally mostly made up of fish dishes, but the fish is guaranteed to have been caught that day, and you can enjoy a choice of crayfish, barracuda steaks, prawns, calamari, grilled grouper and the Portuguese favourite, Frango a Macaneta piri piri, (piri piri chicken). The chef's special here is Caril de Galinha, a mouth-watering chicken curry, and Vermelhao grelhada molho espanhol, a wonderful concoction of onions, green peppers and tomatoes spread over a Cajun-style red fish done to perfection. The crime rate in Macaneto is zero, and you can be guaranteed to have a relaxing holiday away from the bustle of city life.